Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First post and how to recycle ice cream containers

My work as an occupational therapist prompts me to find ways to turn seemingly ordinary things into child-friendly materials. This is going to be a blog about my crafty ideas and other artsy fartsy ventures, all for the sake of my dearly beloved kids.


Moving on to my first project, I cannot bring myself to pay for a small plastic container for my therapy supplies (scissors, crayons, pencils, eraser, sharpener, etc), and thus I looked around the house. I found a lot of ice cream containers (the oval kind), and they are just about the perfect size!

Peeling off the ugly sticker on top was a messy event indeed, and no amount of scraping or soaking could get rid of the glue residue. Instead of giving up, I found a large sheet of Php5 stickers (Naruto, tee-hee!) that don't stick to anything anymore. So with a little effort, here's what I've come up with:

Recycled Ice Cream Container for Therapy Supplies

1 ice cream container (preferrably washed and dried)
1 pack of stickers
1 sheet of paper
1 bottle of glue (don't worry, you won't use up the whole thing)
1 pencil

1 pair of scissors
1 table (or any flat surface)

  1. Turn the container (not the lid) upside down on a piece of paper and trace the oval outline using a pencil. Mark another oval slightly inside the traced outline (approximately 1/4"). No need to be exact, I love making guesstimates.
  2. Cut out the paper oval. Slick some glue onto the lid and put the paper oval onto it.
  3. Put another layer of glue over the paper oval.
  4. Arrange the stickers onto the lid, applying glue every now and then to ensure that everything's nice and stuck. You can cut out the stickers into more interesting outlines to help fill the lid better.
  5. Put a nice layer of glue over the stickers and let it dry. It'll take just a few hours.


I actually made two of these, here's the other one: