Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Birthday Calendar

I was recently tasked to update the birthday calendar of the clinic. The old one was just a poster with all the months and birthdates placed in table cells... with a birthday cake in the background. The OT in me reared her creative head and I decided to make the calendar a bit more fun and dynamic and came up with this:

I used black card for the back, white card to print my design on, a paper fastener at the center of the wheel, red felt paper to make the pointer, and my trusty Dymo for the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on top of the red pointer. Sorry, I couldn't get clearer pics.

It took me 20 minutes to design the wheel using Photoshop, and the next 15 minutes were spent printing, cutting it out with a precision blade, and gluing/fastening all the other parts. It was an enjoyable project for me, and I'm thinking of other ways I could use this. Maybe I could make one too for my family, or make a game with this.